The pdf outlining the lab steps and introductory talk is here: BEAST Lab introduction and BEAST lab guidelines.

The lab files you will need can be downloaded here: BEAST lab zip file.

BEAST is available from here. You will need to download it if you are using the cloud as it uses a graphical user interface and thus does not work on the cloud. You may wish to download it for your own operating system even if you have the ubuntu virtualbox as java creates some difficult behaviour in BEAST on Ubuntu.


The BEAST tutorials by the creators of the program can be found here


There are two older exercises on using BEAST and an additional exercise on how to properly use BEAST* which you can do in your own time.

The “Primates” exercise details how to produced relaxed phylogenies and date with confidence.

The “Viruses” exerercise describes how to do a Bayesian Phylogenetics analysis of viruses.