[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he 2012 Workshop on Genomics (previously called the Workshop on Comparative Genomics) is being held from 8-21 January, 2012 in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic. This will be the second time the Workshop will be held in Europe, and the third full-length Workshop. A full schedule can be viewed below. Modifications and additions to the schedule may be made at anytime prior to the beginning of the Workshop, however the overall content and structure will remain largely the same.

In addition, we will be hosting several Advanced Topic Sessions following the core Workshop. These sessions will begin on 23 January (Monday) and continue through the 25th.

Map of important locations: Workshop Guide.


[typography font=”impact” size=”18″]SCHEDULE[/typography] [hr]

Week 1 : 8-14 January, 2012
Date Time Presenter Topic Location
08 Jan 6p – 10p Everyone Reception  Zlaty Andel
09 Jan 9a – 12p Scott Handley Introduction  Theater
2p – 5p Henrik Kaessman Keynote: The Evolution of Mammalian Tissue Transcriptomes  Theater
7p – 10p Workshop Team Laboratory Introduction  Prelate
10 Jan 9a – 12p Mike Zody Genomics Study Design  Theater
2p – 5p Workshop Team Using the Command Line for Genomic Analysis  Prelate
7p – 10p Everyone Participant Presentations I  Prelate
11 Jan 9a – 12p Workshop Team Quality Assessment and Quality Control Laboratory  Prelate
2p – 5p Workshop Team Clinic I: a) installation, b) QA/QC or c) command line  Prelate
7p – 10p Everyone Participant Presentations II  Prelate
12 Jan 9a – 12p Manfred Grabherr Assembly Lecture  Theater
2p – 5p Manfred Grabherr Assembly Laboratory I: Whole Genome Assembly with ALLPATHS-LG  Prelate
7p – 10p Manfred Grabherr Assembly Laboratory II: Transcriptome Assembly and Synteny Alignments  Prelate
13 Jan 9a – 12p Workshop Team Assembly Extension Laboratory: Velvet and Bowtie  Prelate
2p – 5p Everyone Group Photo and Group Activity
7p – 10p Everyone Free Time
14 Jan 9a – 12p Manuel Garber Transcriptomics Lecture  Theater
2p – 5p Manuel Garber Transcriptomics Lab: Scripture  Prelate
7p – 10p Everyone Workshop Party
Week 2 : 15-21 January, 2012
Date Time Presenter Topic Location
15 Jan All Day Everyone Free Day
16 Jan 9a – 12p Julian Catchen Next-gen Sequencing of Non-model Organisms  Theater
2p – 5p Julian Catchen Stacks Laboratory  Prelate
7p – 10p Julian Catchen Stacks Laboratory  Prelate
17 Jan 9a – 12p Gerton Lunter Read Mapping and Detection of SNPs and Structural Variants  Theater
2p – 5p Gerton Lunter Read Mapping and Variant Calling  Prelate
7p – 10p Workshop Team Clinic 2: a) assembly, b) transcriptomics, c) STACKS  Prelate
18 Jan 9a – 12p Alice McHardy Metagenomics Lecture  Theater
2p – 5p Johannes Droge Metagenomics Laboratory : PhyloPythiaS  Prelate
7p – 10p Everyone Clinic 3: a) SNP detection, b) metagenomics  Prelate
19 Jan 9a – 12p James Taylor Galaxy: Introductory Lecture  Theater
2p – 5p James Taylor Galaxy: Advanced Features  Prelate
7p – 10p James Taylor Galaxy: Laboratory  Prelate
20 Jan 9a – 12p Antonis Rokas Evolutionary Genomics  Theater
2p – 5p Sophien Kamoun Pathogenomics  Theater
7p – 10p Everyone End of Workshop Dinner and Party
21 Jan All Day Everyone Departure