2011 Workshop on Molecular Evolution, Cesky Krumlov

The 2011 Workshop on Molecular Evolution in Cesky Krumlov represented the third version of the Molecular Evolution Workshop to be hosted in Europe. It was preceded by the very first Workshop on Comparative Genomics (now known as the Workshop on Genomic Data Analysis). In attendance were over 35 people from 15 different countries.

More information about the Workshop on Molecular Evolution can be found here. You can apply for future version of the Workshop on Molecular Evolution by selecting the appropriate Workshop from the apply menu at the top of this page.


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Week 1 : 23-29 January, 2011
Date Time Presenter Topic
23 Jan 6p – 10p Everyone Reception
24 Jan 9a – 12p Naiara Rodríguez-Ezpeleta / Antonis Rokas Workshop Introduction / Phylogenetics Overview
2p – 5p Workshop Team Laboratory Introduction
7p – 10p Workshop Team Introduction to NCBI
25 Jan 9a – 12p William Pearson Database Searching
2p – 5p William Pearson FASTA/BLAST Laboratory
7p – 10p Workshop Team Multiple Sequence Alignment
26 Jan 9a – 12p Paul Lewis Maximum Likelihood
2p – 5p David Swofford PAUP* Demonstration
7p – 10p David Swofford PAUP* Laboratory
27 Jan 9a – 12p David Swofford / Workshop Team Model Selection / ModelTest
2p – 5p Derrick Zwickli GARLI Laboratory
7p – 10p Everyone Open Laboratory
28 Jan 9a – 12p Paul Lewis Bayesian Inference
2p – 5p Fredrik Ronquist MrBayes
7p – 10p Everyone Open Laboratory
29 Jan 9a – 12p Anne Yoder Phylogeography
2p – 5p Paul Turner Experimental Evolution with Viruses
Week 2 : 30 January – 4 February 2011 (plus all computer week, 5-11 Feb)
Date Time Presenter Topic
30 Jan All Day Everyone Free Day
31 Jan 9a – 12p Maria Anisimova Detecting Selection
2p – 5p Maria Anisimova PAML Laboratory
7p – 10p Everyone Open Lab
1 Feb 9a – 12p Mary Kuhner Coalescent Theory
2p – 5p John Huelsenbeck Population Genetics and Structurama Activity
7p – 10p Mary Kuhner and Peter Beerli LAMARC and Migrate-n Activity
2 Feb 9a – 12p Andrew Rambaut Dating Phylogenies
2p – 5p Andrew Rambaut BEAST Laboratory
7p – 10p Everyone Open Lab
3 Feb 9a – 12p Axel Meyer Genome Evolution
2p – 5p Everyone Open Laboratory
7p – 10p Everyone Workshop Party
4 – 11 Feb 2p – 5p Everyone All Computer Week