Hold the Date! The Workshop on Genomics 2024 will be held 7th to 20th January in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

The Workshop on Genomics was developed in response to the increasing demand for training on how to effectively analyze and manage data generated by modern sequencing technologies. The Workshop curriculum includes extensive coverage of fundamental techniques required of all studies utilizing modern sequence data. This includes management and modification of modern sequence data files, using the Unix command-line and editors to manipulate sequence data files, assembly (both mapping and de novo) and best practices for sequence data generation. The second-half of the Workshop is devoted to specific sub-disciplines within the genomic sciences. While these topics may change from Workshop to Workshop, efforts are made to devote significant amounts of time to techniques being used widely in the field (e.g. transcriptomics, genome assembly, metagenomics).

A majority of the schedule is dedicated to hands-on learning activities designed by faculty and the workshop team. This interactive experience provides Workshop participants with the practical experience required to meet the challenges presented by modern genomic sciences.

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