Generic Feature Format (GFF)

GFF is a standard file format for storing standardized genomic feature information. The files are stored in plain text format and are composed of 9 independent columns in standard tab-delimited format. GFF has several versions; the most recent is called GFF3.

More information about GFF3 and historic versions can be found here:

The official and extremely detailed description of GFF3 can be found here:

For reference, here is the standard definition for the 9 columns:

Column 1: Sequence ID (SeqID)
Column 2: Source
Column 3: Type
Column 4: Start
Column 5: End
Column 6: Score
Column 7: Strand
Column 8: Phase
Column 9: Attributes

There are numerous modifications and features that can be expanded on using the GFF format (e.g. nested features, quantitative data, sequence data). For a more thorough description of these advanced features see: