Overview (NB! instructions for 2014 Workshop)

For all workshop activities, we will be using the Ubuntu Linux 12.04 operating system with the necessary software already installed. Our primary means of accessing this system will be through the Amazon EC2 cloud computing service. You may also elect to run the operating system locally on your computer using VirtualBox, although we will not generally recommend this.

Using the Amazon Cloud

Amazon Login Instructions

(open linked pdf for instructions)

UPDATE 14-Jan-2014: Amazon AMI Update

UPDATE 14-Jan-2014: How to Change your Keyboard Layout

Using a Virtual Machine (VM)

  1. Make sure you have at least 50 GB of disk space available. Preferably, you will have significantly more space than this available.
  2. Obtain a flash drive from the workshop team that contains the virtual machine image.
  3. Install VirtualBox. Installers for Windows and Mac are included on the flash drive in the “VirtualBox” folder. Please also install the VirtualBox Extension Pack.
  4. Copy the file “VirtualBox/Workshop_on_Genomics_2014.ova” to your hard drive.
  5. Open “Workshop_on_Genomics_2014.ova” with VirtualBox. Allocate at least 50 GB of disk space to this VM.
  6. The username is “ubuntu” and the password is “evomics”.

After the Workshop (Updated 23-Jan-2014):

Instances will be terminated Saturday! If you would like to transfer your work to your personal computer from the Instance follow the directions kindly provided by Guy Leonard (one of our fabulous demonstrators/instructors)!

The workshop AMI has been made public, so feel free to use it! You can find it by searching ‘Genomics Workshop 2014 v 1.2’.