Announcing the 1st Workshop on Phylogenomics

We are very excited to announce a new Workshop curriculum exploring recent advancements in application and theory in the field of phylogenomic analysis. The Worskhop on Phylogenomics will be held in Český Krumlov, the home of a majority of our Workshops over the past 9 years.

The Workshop builds on concepts developed in the Workshop on Molecular Evolution over the past several years, but places them in a genomic context. The schedule emphasizes the use of large data matrices in phylogenomic analysis, but also spends a significant amount of time discussing the advantages and disadvantages of phylogenetic analysis, detection of selection, etc. As with our other Workshops, a good deal of time will be spent in the computer laboratory learning first hand from experts in each discipline.

This Workshop is right for you if you are studying evolution using genomic data sets, or have an interest in general phylogenic analysis and molecular evolution. In contrast to the Workshop on Genomics, less time is spent during the first days on basic bioinformatic training. So if you are interested in a more general introduction to bioinformatics and genomics you may consider the Workshop on Genomics instead.

The full schedule for the Workshop on Phylogenomics can be found here:

Applications (deadline 1 October, 2016) can be submitted here: