Please use the form below to submit a design to be considered for the annual Workshop T-shirt design competition. For inspiration, you can view all previous T-shirt designs for the Workshop on Genomics and Workshop on Molecular Evolution in our T-shirt Gallery.

Note that very intricate designs with small font don’t turn out well. Keep it simple!

Please submit your design for both the front (small) and back (large) of the T-shirt as a PDF or EPS or some other file type easily converted into PDF format (SVG, Adobe Illustrator …). If your design is selected we will work to ensure that the design is submitted in the proper format to the screen printing company. The important part for now is that you are able to submit your design so that we can make a selection.

Please make sure that:

– you mention “Workshop on Phyloenomics”, “Český Krumlov” and “2017” somewhere

– use only black color with no shadows

The submission deadline is Thursday January 26th at 22:00! Please have your designs submitted by this time to be considered for the competition. Please submit your design  below: If you have any questions, ask Guy or Jordi.

The winner will get a secret gift package!

Here are the submitted designs so you can now vote for the winners!

Click here to see the gallery.