The 2020 Workshop on Population and Speciation Genomics will be held in Český Krumlov from 19 January – 1 February. It brings together an international collection of faculty members and Workshop participants to study and discuss current ideas and techniques for the analysis of genomic data on the level of populations and closely related species. The Workshop consists of a series of lectures, demonstrations and computer laboratories that cover theory and practice of population and speciation genomics analyses.

The Workshop registration fee is $1,800. This amount does not cover travel, lodging or boarding. Many important details about the Workshop series can be read on our FAQ page.

The Workshop on Population and Speciation Genomics is organized and co-directed by:
Walter Salzburger, University of Basel, Switzerland
Michael Matschiner, University of Zürich, Switzerland
Jan Stefka, University of South Bohemia České Budějovice, Czech Republic
Scott Handley, Washington University, US
Emiliano Trucchi, Universita Politecnica delle Marche, Ancona, Italy
Julia M.I. Barth, University of Basel, Switzerland
Britta S. Meyer, Max Planck Insitute for Evoultionary Biology, Plön, Germany
Milan Malinsky, University of Basel, Switzerland


Week 1 : 19-25 January, 2020

Date Day Time Presenter Topic Location
19 Jan Sunday 6p – 10p Everyone Reception Hotel Zlaty Andel
20 Jan Monday 9a – 12p Workshop Team Introduction and orientation Theater
2p – 3p Everyone Participant introduction I Egon Schiele
3p – 5p Workshop Team Computer lab introduction Egon Schiele
7p – 8p Everyone Participant introduction II Egon Schiele
8p – 10p Workshop Team UNIX introduction (activity) Egon Schiele
21 Jan Tuesday 9a – 12p Alex Buerkle Likelihood, probability, and Bayesian inference Egon Schiele
2p – 5p Alex Buerkle Probability in population and speciation genomics (activity) Prelate
7p – 10p Workshop Team First steps in genomic data analysis (activity) Prelate
22 Jan Wednesday 9a – 12p Daniel Falush Population structure Theater
2p – 5p Daniel Falush / Workshop Team Inferring population structure (Finestructure / FineRADstructure / smartPCA activity) Egon Schiele
7p – 10p TBA TBA Egon Schiele
23 Jan Thursday 9a – 12p Richard Durbin Experimental design / Demography Egon Schiele
2p – 5p Vítor Sousa Demographic analysis with fastsimcoal2 Prelate
7p – 10p Vítor Sousa Inferring demography (fastsimcoal2 activity) Prelate
24 Jan Friday 9a – 12p Rachael Dudaniec Adaptation and selection Theater
2p – 5p Rachael Dudaniec Detecting environmental selection (activity) Egon Schiele
7p – 10p Workshop Team Open lab / FAQ session Egon Schiele
25 Jan Saturday 9a – 12p Kelley Harris Evolution of the mutation spectrum Theater
12p – 12:15p Everyone Group photo Theater
2p – 5p Kelley Harris Inferring the mutation spectrum (activity) Prelate
5:30p – 10p Everyone Town Tour (5:30 to 7PM) and Dinner (from 7PM) Meet in Town Square

Week 2 : 27 January – 1 February, 2020

Date Day Time Presenter Topic Location
26 Jan Sunday Everyone Free day! Time for castle tours, a cellar tour, wine tasting … etc You decide!
27 Jan Monday 9a – 12p Walter Salzburger The genomics of organismal diversification Theater
2p – 5p TBA TBA Prelate
7p – 10p TBA TBA Prelate
28 Jan Tuesday 9a – 12p Matthew Hahn The multi-species coalescent Theater
2p – 5p Matthew Hahn D-statistics (activity) Prelate
7p – 10p TBA TBA Prelate
29 Jan Wednesday 9a – 12p Simon Martin Speciation and hybridization Theater
2p – 5p Simon Martin Topology weighting (TWISST activity) Prelate
7p – 10p TBA TBA Prelate
30 Jan Thursday 9a – 12p TBA TBA Theater
2p – 5p Leo Speidel Genome-wide genealogy estimation (Relate activity) Prelate
7p – 10p Workshop Team Open lab / FAQ session Prelate
31 Jan Friday 9a – 12p Ludovic Orlando Ancient genomics Theater
2p – 5p Workshop Team Wrap-up Prelate
7p – 10p Everyone End of Workshop Party TBA
1 Feb Saturday 9a – 12p Everyone Departure