Cesky Krumlov Castle
The 2015 Workshop on Molecular Evolution will be held in Český Krumlov from 25 January – 7 February. This will be the fifth version of the Molecular Evolution Workshop to be hosted in  Český Krumlov, Czech Republic and brings together an international collection of faculty members and Workshop participants to study and discuss current ideas and techniques for exploring molecular evolution. The Workshop on Molecular Evolution consists of a series of lectures, demonstrations and computer laboratories that cover theoretical and conceptual aspects of molecular evolution with a strong emphasis on data analysis.

The Workshop has a strong focus on molecular phylogenetics, and covers all aspects of phylogenetic workflows, including marker selection, phylogeny reconstruction, time-calibration, as well as detection of natural selection, phylogeography, diversification rates, and trait evolution patterns. A majority of the schedule is dedicated to hands-on learning activities designed by faculty and the workshop team. This interactive experience provides Workshop participants with the practical experience required to meet the challenges presented by modern evolutionary sciences.

The Workshop registration fee is $1500. This amount does not cover travel, lodging or boarding. Many important details about this and other topics can be read on our FAQ page and a map of important locations: Workshop Guide.

The Workshop on Molecular Evolution is organized and co-directed by:

Walter SalzburgerUniversity of Basel

Michael Matschiner, University of Oslo

Jan Stefka, Institute of Parasitology, České Budějovice

Information from Daniel Kintzl and the Infocentrum can be viewed here.


Week 1 : 25-31 January, 2015
Date Time Presenter Topic Location
25 Jan 6p – 10p Everyone Reception Hotel Zlaty Andel
26 Jan 9a – 12p Walter Salzburger Workshop Introduction Prelate
2p – 5p Workshop Team Introduction to Amazon Web Services (AWS); Introduction to UNIX Prelate
7p – 10p Everyone Participant Introductions Prelate
27 Jan 9a – 12p Toni Gabaldón Ortholog Detection Theater
2p – 5p Toni Gabaldón Ortholog Detection Lab Prelate
7p – 10p Workshop Team Multiple Sequence Alignment Lab Prelate
28 Jan 9a – 12p Paul Lewis Likelihood and Substitution Models Theater
2p – 5p David Swofford PAUP* Intro/Demo; Model Selection for ML (slides: part 1, part 2) Prelate
7p – 10p David Swofford PAUP* Lab Prelate
29 Jan 9a – 12p Joseph Bielawski Detecting Selection Theater
2p – 5p Joseph Bielawski PAML Lab (Chi Square calculator) Prelate
7p – 10p Adam Bazinet / Workshop Team GARLI and RAxML Lab Prelate
30 Jan 9a – 12p Paul Lewis Bayesian Inference Theater
2p – 5p Alexei Drummond Relaxed Bayesian Phylogenetics Theater
7p – 10p Alexei Drummond BEAST 2 Lab Prelate
31 Jan 9a – 12p Walter Salzburger Genome Evolution Theater
2p – 5p Everyone Open Lab Prelate
7p – 10p Everyone  Town Tour. Meet in Town Square at 17:30 PM for tour.                 Dinner since 7PM. Krumlovsky Mlyn


Week 2 : 1 February – 7 February 2015
Date Time Presenter Topic Location
1 Feb All Day Everyone Free Day
2 Feb 9a – 12p Peter Beerli Coalescent theory (lecture slides: coal1coal2)
Tools: popvizardbugsinbox2013.
Group Photo after the talk.
2p – 5p Sebastian Hoehna RevBayes Intro and Continuous Time Markov Chains Lab Prelate
7p – 10p Sebastian Hoehna Bayes Factors and Model Selection Lab Prelate
3 Feb 9a – 12p Laura Kubatko Species Tree Estimation Theater
2p – 5p Laura Kubatko SVDquartets Lab Prelate
7p – 10p Alexei Drummond *BEAST Lab (and SNAPP) Prelate
4 Feb 9a – 12p Matt Pennell Analysis of Phylogenetic Comparative Data Theater
2p – 5p Matt Pennell Introduction to R and Ape Prelate
7p – 10p Matt Pennell Geiger Lab Prelate
5 Feb 9a – 12p Alexei Drummond Ancestral Reconstruction/Discrete Phylogeography Lab (location file: H5N1locations.dat, kml file: H5N1.kml) Prelate
2p – 5p Sebastian Hoehna Biogeography and Large State Space Models Lab Prelate
7p – 10p Sebastian Hoehna Phylogenetic Comparative Methods Lab Prelate
6 Feb 9a – 12p Tanja Stadler Estimating diversification processes (Slides: Part 1, Part 2) Theater
2p – 5p Tanja Stadler Phylodynamics Lab Prelate
7p – 10p Alexei Drummond Tree Priors Lab Prelate
7 Feb 9a – 12p Everyone Open lab Prelate
2p – 5p Everyone Open lab Prelate
7p – 10p Everyone Workshop Party