Applications for the 2023 workshop are now open! Please fill in the form here to apply. Deadline for applications is March 1st 2023.

The 2023 Workshop on Genomics is being held 14-27th of May, 2023 in Český Krumlov, Czech Republic. This is the 12th time the Workshop of Genomics will be held in the Czech Republic, and the second time it will be organised in spring time.

Our philosophy is to train participants in the most relevant topics in genomics, in a vibrant, immersive and inclusive environment. The Workshop on Genomics was developed in response to the increasing demand for training on how to effectively analyse and manage data generated by modern sequencing technologies. The Workshop curriculum includes extensive coverage of fundamental techniques required of all studies utilising modern sequencing data. While the Workshop on Genomics topics may change from year-to-year, efforts are made to devote significant amounts of time to techniques being used widely in the field (e.g. genome assembly, genome annotation, transcriptomics, metagenomics, population genomics).

Workshop Information

The Workshop registration fee is $1,950. We provide 90 hours of teaching during the two week workshop. Our price is therefore approximately $22 an hour. Note that this amount does not cover travel, lodging or boarding.

Many important details regarding fees and other information can be read on our FAQ page. 

Equal Opportunities Funding

We will be providing Equal Opportunities funding through two schemes: 

  • Scheme 1: All aspects of the workshop will be funded. No registration fee. Accommodation and travel fees will be covered.
  • Scheme 2: Payment of half the registration fee ($975). Accommodation and travel fees will not be covered.

Applications will be assessed separately from the main application process. Reviews of applications will be carried out in partnership with the European Reference Genome Atlas (ERGA) initiative.  

Application for these schemes are now closed. We will inform all applicants of the outcome soon …! 

The Workshop on Genomics 2023 is organised by:

Director Josephine Paris, University of L’Aquila / Marche Polytechnic University, Italy

Co-Director (Course Engineer) Rayan Chikhi, Institut Pasteur, France

Co-Director (Faculty Liaison) Joan Ferrer Obiol, University of Milan, Italy

Lead Developer Guy Leonard, University of Oxford, UK

Head Teaching Assistant Mercè Montoliu Nerín – Uppsala University, Sweden

Český Krumlov Coordinator Daniel Kinzl

Coordinator Scott Handley, Washington University, US

Assisted by the Scientific Advisory Board:

Bill Cresko, University of Oregon, US

Sonya Dyhrman, Columbia University, US

Rosa Fernández, Institute of Evolutionary Biology CSIC-UPF, Spain

Sophie Shaw, All Wales Medical Genomics Service, UK

Alexander Suh, University of East Anglia, UK and Uppsala University, Sweden (Soon University of Bonn, Germany)  

Emiliano Trucchi, Marche Polytechnic University, Italy

Chris Wheat, Stockholm University, Sweden



We are actively updating our draft schedule for 2023! Topics may be adjusted and are subject to change

Week 1 : 14-21 May, 2023

Date Day Time Presenter Topic FORMAT
14th May Sunday 6p – 10p Everyone Reception Activity / Lecture
15th May Monday 9a – 12p Workshop Team Introduction and Orientation Activity / Lecture
  Monday 2p – 5p Mike Zody Sequencing Technology and Study Design Lecture
  Monday 7:30p – 10p Everyone Scientific Speed Networking Activity
16th May Tuesday 9a – 12p Workshop Team Dreams, fantasy dreams and genomics Activity
  Tuesday 2p – 5p Mercè Montoliu Nerín UNIX Lab
  Tuesday 7p – 10p Mercè Montoliu Nerín UNIX Lab
17th May Wednesday 9a – 12p Mike Zody Alignment Lab / Lecture
  Wednesday 2p – 5p Erik Garrison Variant Calling Lab
  Wednesday 7p – 10p Fritz Sedlazeck Structural Variants Lab
18th May Thursday 9a – 12p Marcela Uliano-Silva Genome Assembly   Lab
  Thursday 2p – 5p Camille Marchet & Antoine Limasset Genome Assembly: theory and principles Lab / Lecture
  Thursday 7p – 10p Marcela Uliano-Silva Genome Assembly: from reads to a genome   Lab
19th May Friday 9a – 12p Katharina Hoff Genome Annotation Lab / Lecture
  Friday 2p – 5p Katharina Hoff Genome Annotation  Lab
  Friday 7p – 10p Guy Leonard Genomics Adventure Lab
20th May Saturday 9a – 12p Erik Garrison Pangenomics Lab / Lecture
  Saturday 2p – 3p Rayan Chikhi BIG Data Lab / Lecture
  Saturday 3p – 5p Everyone Open Lab / Round Table Discussions Open Lab / Round Table Discussions
  Saturday 6p – 10p Everyone Town Tour and Dinner Activity
21st May Sunday All Day Everyone Free Day Up to you!

Week 2 : 22-27 May, 2023

Date Day Time WHO Topic FORMAT
22nd May Monday 9a – 12p Rob Waterhouse Comparative Genomics Lecture / Lab
22nd May Monday 2p – 5p Francesco Cicconardi Comparative Genomics Lab
  Monday 7p – 10p Workshop Team R & ggplot2 Lab
23rd May Tuesday 9a – 12p Rosa Fernández Phylogenomics Lecture
  Tuesday 2p – 5p Brian Haas Transcriptomics Lecture / Lab
  Tuesday 7p – 10p Rachel Steward Differential Gene Expression  Lab
24th May Wednesday 9a – 12p Sonya Dyhrman Genomics in the Ocean Lecture
  Wednesday 2p – 5p TBC Metagenomics & Metatranscriptomics Lab
  Wednesday 7p – 10p David Barnett Microbiome Analysis Lab
25th May Thursday 9a – 12p Evan Eichler Genome Structural Variation Lecture
  Thursday 2p – 5p James Whiting Population Genomics Lab
  Thursday 7p – 10p TBC Best Practices in Handling Genomic Data Lab
26th May Friday 9a – 12p Chris Wheat Lies, Damn Lies, and Genomics Lecture
  Friday 2p – 5p Everyone Round Table Discussions, Tshirts and Certificates Lab / Activity
  Friday 7.30p – 10p Everyone End of Workshop Party Activity
27th May Saturday All Day Everyone Departure