[dropcap]T[/dropcap]he 2011 Workshop on Comparative Genomics at the Smithsonian Institution National Museum of Natural History serves as a specialized, more concise session of the Workshop on Genomics. The curriculum was designed specifically for scientists at the Smithsonian Institution located in Washington, DC. Attention was given to covering fundamental techniques and major areas in the genomic sciences (assembly, metagenomics and transcriptomics).

You can apply for a future version of the Workshop on Genomics by selecting the appropriate Workshop from the apply menu at the top of this page. If your institution is interested in organizing a special session on Genomics or Molecular Evolution, please contact us.


[typography font=”impact” size=”18″]SCHEDULE[/typography] [hr]

Week 1 : 3-7 October, 2011
Date Time Presenter Topic
3 Oct 9a – 12p Michael Cummings and Mike Zody Workshop Introduction / Genomic Study Design
2p – 4p Workshop Team Laboratory Introduction
4p – 6p Workshop Team Unix Tutorial
4 Oct 9a – 12p Workshop Team Data Quality Assessment and Control / File Formats
2p – 6p Anton Nekrutenko Galaxy: Introduction and Introductory Laboratory
5 Oct 9a – 12p Inanc Birol and Shaun Jackman Assembly Lecture
2p – 6p Shaun Jackman and Inanc Birol ABySS Laboratory
6 Oct 9a – 12p Jay Evans and Scott Cornman Metagenomics Lecture
2p – 6p Scott Handley Metagenomics Laboratory
7 Oct 9a – 12p Manuel Garber Transcriptomics Lecture
2p – 6p Manuel Garber Transriptomics Lab: Scripture