The 2016 Workshop on Population and Speciation Genomics is held in Český Krumlov from 24 January – 6 February. This is the first instance of a new Workshop that will take place biennially at the UNESCO World Heritage Site Český Krumlov in Czech Republic, alternating with the Workshop on Molecular Evolution. It brings together an international collection of faculty members and Workshop participants to study and discuss current ideas and techniques for the analysis of genomic data on the level of populations and closely related species. The Workshop consists of a series of lectures, demonstrations and computer laboratories that cover theory and practice of population and speciation genomics analyses.

The Workshop registration fee is $1,500. This amount does not cover travel, lodging or boarding. Many important details about the Workshop series can be read on our FAQ page.

The workshop schedule can be viewed below. Some modifications and additions to the schedule may be made prior to the beginning of the Workshop; however, the overall content and structure will remain largely the same.

The Workshop on Population and Speciation Genomics is organized and co-directed by:

Walter Salzburger, University of Basel

Michael Matschiner, University of Oslo

Jan Stefka, Biology Centre CAS, České Budějovice

Scott Handley, Washington University

Emiliano Trucchi, University of Vienna

Julia M.I. Barth, University of Oslo

Britta S. Meyer, Helmholtz Centre for Ocean Research Kiel – GEOMAR


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Week 1 : 24-30 January, 2016
Date Time Presenter Topic Location
24 Jan 6p – 10p Everyone Reception Hotel Zlatý Anděl
25 Jan 9a – 12p Scott Handley / Walter Salzburger Workshop introduction / Orientation Theater
2p – 5p Workshop Team Computer lab and UNIX introduction Prelate
7p – 10p Everyone Participant introductions Prelate
26 Jan 9a – 12p Alex Buerkle Likelihood and Bayesian inference Theater
2p – 5p Workshop Team File formats / VCFtools / Plink Prelate
7p – 10p Workshop Team / Daniel Falush R / adegenet / STRUCTURE / PCA Prelate
27 Jan 9a – 12p Matteo Fumagalli Genotype and SNP calling Prelate
2p – 5p Matteo Fumagalli ANGSD / ngsTools Prelate
7p – 10p Alex Buerkle Models for introgression and admixture Prelate
28 Jan 9a – 12p Oscar Gaggiotti Natural selection / Adaptation Theater
2p – 5p Oscar Gaggiotti BayeScan Prelate
7p – 10p Oscar Gaggiotti BayeScEnv Prelate
29 Jan 9a – 12p Ryan Gutenkunst Population demography Theater
2p – 5p Ryan Gutenkunst Python introduction Prelate
7p – 10p Ryan Gutenkunst δaδi Prelate
30 Jan 9a – 12p Walter Salzburger The genomics of organismal diversification / Group picture Theater
2p – 5p Workshop Team Open lab Prelate
6p – 10p Everyone Dinner at Eggenberg Brewery – Meet at Town Square at 6pm for town tour first Restaurant Eggenberg / Egon Schiele Café!
Week 2 : 31 January – 6 February, 2016
Date Time Presenter Topic Location
31 Jan All Day Everyone Free day! Soccer at 1 pm in the Gym Anywhere
1 Feb 9a – 12p Ludovic Orlando Ancient genomics Theater
2p – 5p Alexei Drummond EBSP with BEAST2 Prelate
7p – 10p Alexei Drummond Structured coalescent with BEAST2 Prelate
2 Feb 9a – 12p Daniel Berner Evolutionary population genomics Theater
2p – 5p Daniel Berner Handling RAD sequence data with R Prelate
7p – 10p Daniel Berner Exploring selective sweeps with R Prelate
3 Feb 9a – 12p Felicity Jones Indels and sweeps in whole-genome data Theater
2p – 5p Felicity Jones Detecting selective sweeps with SweeD Prelate
7p – 10p Alexei Drummond Species delimitation with SNAPP Prelate
4 Feb 9a – 12p Daniel Falush Introgression Theater
2p – 5p Daniel Falush fineSTRUCTURE Prelate
7p – 10p Workshop Team Open lab Prelate
5 Feb 9a – 12p Chris Jiggins Divergence and gene flow between species Theater
2p – 5p Simon Martin and Chris Jiggins Divergence and gene flow lab Prelate
7p – 10p Everyone Workshop party Egon Schiele Café
6 Feb All Day Everyone Free time and departure