BEAUti (Bayesian Evolutionary Analysis Utility) is a graphical software program that allows the creation of XML input files for BEAST. There are five panels in BEAUti (Data, Model, Priors, Operators, and MCMC), each of which contain multiple parameters that can be configured. Prior information from fossils and other sources can be used to create the XML file. BEAUti can also create and open template files which only contain settings of a particular model. This template can be used later for a longer MCMC run, or for a different data set.


BEAUti is available for Macintosh, Windows, and Linux platforms, and can be download from the BEAST web site.

Input Format: 
Instructions for All: 

To run BEAUti from the command line, type:


Some configurations must be edited manually in the XML file that the program generates. For details on how to edit specific parameters in the XML file, refer to the program manual.
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