• get to know each other
  • learn about the other participant research interests and projects
  • learn which approaches and methods other participants work with


We will form 6 groups of about 14 participants and workshop team members. Each group will be in a separate room in the Castle Study Center. Each group will form two lines of 7 people facing each other. One line will stand still, while the other one moves. Each couple facing each other will have 2 minutes to talk (one minute each). When the bell rings the moving line moves one step, and then the new couples start their 2 minute discussion. After 30 min we end and take a break. The moving lines switch rooms and we start again with a new set of people.

What to say?:

Start out with a sentence just briefly introducing  your topic, and then let the other person introduce herself/himself. Next, continue the conversation by asking questions about the overall research question, methods, study organism, et c. Take turn to make sure both people get to speak about 1 min.