Tweets of the New Year from Your Evomics Faculty!

Happy 2014 fellow minions of bioinformatics and all that transpires in next generation sequencing analysis!

I am happy to report I am starting off the new year by sleeping in followed by a generous pot of coffee and working on the ever present manuscript that will be submitted soon!  I mean, rather I am procrastinating on said manuscript for the moment to bring you ever more profound new years resolutions and insights from our faculty from the workshop on genomics to come courtesy of twitter!

Now Rayan…honestly, how are we to properly stalk you if you only post once every 1 or 2 months!? By the way…thanks for all the awesome software, because you’re an assembly maniac! And it’s truly awesome. Cheers man. Small scripts that change the world…no big deal. It’s hot stuff.


Awwww….sad Antonis, if your lab doesn’t tweet how is everyone supposed to live vicariously through the exploits of a most awesome Fungi Lab!? Well for those that are impatient to know about the Rokas Lab work, hit up their lab’s website.

And because this is not nearly enough twitterage to do the new year justice…here are some more from those I follow in the field:

Sounds boring? It really isn’t, look at the field guide.

If you have a twitter account and are looking for some great content to follow, try our fearless faculty:

  • Evomics Group: @evomics
  • Antonis Rokas: @rokaslab
  • Bill  Cresko: @wcresko
  • Rayan Chikhi: @rayanchikhi
  • Konrad Paszkiewicz: @kpaszkiewicz
  • Karin Rengefors: @krengefors
  • Neil Hall: @neilhall_uk
  • Nick Loman: @pathogenomenick

If I missed any faculty with twitters I am apparently not currently stalking, please add down in the comments section or let me know and I’ll update the blog!

And if you are just looking for some awesome genome, next gen sequencing science twitterers to follow I recommend the following:

  • Keith Robison: @omicsomicsblog “Computational biologist in drug discovery since ’96”
  • Stephen Turner: @genetics_blog “#Bioinformatics Core Director at @UVA. Blogger at , biologist, statistician, patent agent, brewer, runner, guitar noise-maker.”
  • Daniel MacArthur: @dgmacarthur “Assistant Professor at @broadinstitute and @MassGeneral working on extracting useful information from absurdly large DNA sequence data-sets.”
  • Gary Foster: @Prof_GD_Foster “Prof in Molecular Plant Pathology: enjoys life voraciously, enjoys beer more, enjoys family & dogs even more than beer(!) supports L’pool through thick & thin.”
  • Titus Brown: @ctitusbrown “So interdisciplinary I occasionally risk being relevant. I absolutely do not speak for Michigan State University in any way, shape, or form”
  • Jen Biddle: (my female scientist crush) @subsurface_life “Explores microbes in weird places, has friends in low places”
  • Mick Watson: @biomickwatson “Genomicist / Bioinformatician, Director of ARK-Genomics, a high-throughput facility at The Roslin Institute. Tweets are my own”
  • You can always follow me…I retweet from all these awesome people and more and occasionally have my own twitter ‘moments’: @UseqMiseq “microbial/viral ecologist, bioinformatician, wine lover”

And all of these individuals in turn follow other awesome scientists in the field so there is no shortage of twitter-NGS to be had!

Gotta ring in the new year right…totally addicted to social media…

Happy New Year all…11 days and counting!