Updates…and Twitter Highlights from Week 1

  • Rayan has provided updated slides showing detailed solutions for some of the problems in his lecture per your requests.
  • Mike Zody has provided an IGV slide set for your perusal if you’d like to get so more detail in running and analyzing data using IGV

Now for some Twitter excitment…

We kicked off the week in the House of Prelate!

Dag has posted some amazing photos of Cesky Krumlov and the workshop, I highly encourage you take a look!

Rob Knight and Evan Eichler gave some amazing talks!

The Meat Dungeon has become quite the place to be for some serious beer and meat!

There have been some casualities…caveat of good company, good beer and good genomics!

Your faculty on their free day…livin it up!

Guy gives us a useful paper reference for Eukaryotic Annotation!

  I am completely jealous of Melis’ awesome tablet and stylus. My stylus is a bull in a china shop compared to hers!!!

A download of the Participant discussions:

Watch out for when you are really having much to much of a ‘good time’…

Ah…Unix, so much power over the emotions…

  Nuff Said…

Ramping up for another week!

Another useful reference!

Even your faculty is learning and too busy to tweet!

Looking forward to week 2!