Pre-Planning Underway for the 2020 Workshops in Cesky Krumlov

We are organizing three Workshops to be held in Cesky Krumlov during January of 2020. We will organize the 10th Workshop on Genomics which is held annually and the 3rd Workshop on Population and Speciation Genomics which we hold biannually with the Workshop on Phylogenomics. In addition, we are actively developing a new Workshop to be titled the Workshop on Microbial Ecology. This Workshop will be similar to our other Workshops in that it will be 2-weeks in length with intensive 9-hours of material each day balancing a load of lecture and hands-on learning materials. The course will emphasize current theory, statistics and techniques for handling molecular (amplicon, metagenomic and genomic) data used for modern microbial ecology and microbiome studies.

Planning for all Workshops is active. Please subscribe to our mailing list at the bottom of the page, or to our twitter or Facebook feeds for up-to-date information.